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VideoFlow Review is an easy to use video software. It’s optimized for stories, advertising videos and regular membership or website-related Videos. Users can burn captions into videos, add video wrappers and choose from a wide range of footage to enhance and create attention-grabbing videos that convert into sales.

VideoFlow Review -Incredible Easy Video Creator

VideoFlow Review – What is it?

VideoFlow Review is a web-based software that allows its users to import videos from their smartphone, tablet or video device. Then edit & create a high-quality 4k video. The software includes a wide range of additional Enhanced features that include:

– Burn captions into videos
– Add video wrappers
– Record Screen & Webcam
– Animated logos, intros & outros
– Client Project management system
– Sub-users
– Project collaboration & review system
– Animated text overtop your videos
– Scene transitions
– Animated Emojis
– 4k Rendering
– And much much more…

All for a one time fee including commercial rights so that your customers can profit selling videos they create to businesses.

This software is packed with a wide range of other incredible features making it a ‘No-Brainer’ for your subscribers.

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How does VideoFlow work?

In this section of VideoFlow Review, I’ll show you how the software works, how it operates and how easy it is to get started with this software. Basically the reason the authors created it is they want to create a really complete solution that gave users the ability to do a lot when it came to videos, a lot easier… something that’s quick and easy to understand.

If you click create video and you get into your account, you’ll see they’ve pre-loaded some templates. By the time you log in, you’ll probably see many more templates than this… they’re just loading templates in at the moment and you’ll be able to select some of these templates.

For example if you were to select one here, you’ll see it’ll load up and then we’re in the canvas right here. So the canvas itself is a little bit similar to other softwares you’ve probably seen. In this example, instead of using a timeline, we use separate clips. If you want to add a new scene to the video, you might add three or four scenes as many as you want. You can preview the scene by clicking preview.

If you check the demo video below, you  might wonder way there is a rendering icon shows up. Basically we can save time on rendering at the end of the video, we render the video while we’re actually editing it. It’s done very quickly and you don’t really notice it. It means that we’re able to render video a lot faster as a result of doing them.

You’ll see here on the right that we have a layer system that will work as well with this system of editing. Each one is a separate element within this layering system. To select one of the elements that you want to edit it, you can scroll through them so you can actually select it, and if you want to actually go to the elements and start editing it.

You can double click and it will come up with their element settings, or if you wanted to you could go inside of the video to the place where that element is, and you can then select that element now if you wanted to edit that element.

Honest VideoFlow Review: Is it worth your money?

Problem: Video creators take time to create quality videos. In fact most video software out there are expensive and they’ve been created by ‘Designers’… Creative people who are happy to sit around fiddling around with settings all day to get their video perfect.

VideoFlow is a brand new ‘Video Software’ that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It completely changes the game for ‘Video Agencies’ and business owners. It’s the SOLUTION: What VideoFlow does is it completely removes the complexity and fiddling. It then replaces it with a sleek, easy to use Video Creation system. Everything within VideoFlow is focussed on maximising ROI & profits for businessowners and agencies.

In fact it completely automates the tired and time consuming tasks if you want to produce high converting videos.

As you already know videoflow produces short effective videos for stories ads, promotional updates, sales videos or training videos… and it does it fast. It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition because they’re out there fiddling around with other overly complex video editors. You’ll be producing effective videos fast that a viewer ready and optimized to maximize click-through rates and viewer watch time.

The problem it solves is if you want to create a video that converts viewers into sales, it’s a slow tedious process of fiddling with settings, typing in video captions manually, or positioning and repositioning different elements over and over again.

Now every time you want to make a change, you don’t want to go through their process. That’s where the VideoFlow becomes your solution. Its fiddle free easy to use and built for agencies who want to produce videos to sell to businesses… without any slow tedious settings, expensive monthly fees or constantly positioning min repositioning different objects.

You are trying to run a business and the longer you spend to get a video finished,  the more it eats away at your profits. It turns you into a video production studio allowing you to produce high-quality converting videos in rapid time.

The beauty of this software is that all it takes are only 3 simple steps: 

Log into videoflow then select the type of campaign you want to run. You can choose from 3 types of campaigns based on the size of video you’re using. You can choose from short powerful video stories that you can use to advertise throughout Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can choose short attention-grabbing video ads that capture people’s attention within Facebook newsfeed, Instagram or the beginning of YouTube videos, or you could choose video updates training videos or sales videos designed to educate entertain or sell.

Once you’ve made your selection, your video canvas is ready. You can quickly and easily create exactly what you want within our easy to use intuitive interface from overlaying animated, text, creating wrappers for your videos or effortlessly burning captions onto your videos. Videoflow makes the whole process so easy.

To start your video from scratch, upload or select one of the many videos you’d like to use. You can import media from your mobile, desktop or any video device… drag your videos into the timeline editor and then you can from there select the clip you want to edit. It uses a modern style showreel editor, it offers more flexibility while editing videos much faster and easier than traditional timeline editors.

Simply navigate to the clip you want to edit and click in it. Now you can choose from a number of different editing options. Automatically generate captions across your entire video. This is perfect for mobile or creating videos that are optimized for silent viewing.

Add a tension growing refers with text or even animated emojis these help your videos to stand out over social media and bring a greater ROI from your ads. Select from a wide range of animated in image presets. You can also add color filters to your videos music and other visual effects.

After editing your video,  select publish to publish your video to your chosen format up to 4k. So what are you waiting for skyrocket conversions, make videos faster and easier than ever before? Let’s create beautiful effects for your videos or for your clients in profit!

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