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Smarketly is an affordable, highly-developed marketing automation solution for entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels that puts advanced marketing automation features at your fingertips.


Smarketly is an innovative, cost-effective marketing automation solution that gives marketers the possibility to easily build advanced funnels not only from landing pages, but from emails, popups, rules, notifications and more based on behavioral data, put your most-liked marketing tools under one roof, and automate all marketing efforts.

Using builders just isn’t enough to set up your marketing tools or run full-fledged campaigns. You must connect, manage and analyze all of your marketing materials and operations from a single place.

Just simple workflows without any coding or designing to help online marketers of all levels run their marketing campaigns.

In other words, this software is an affordable, highly-developed marketing automation solution for entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels that puts advanced marketing automation features at your fingertips.

Send your visitors on an ideal journey by setting up a conversion funnel that responds to user behavior. Streamline the process using the most popular web apps and do it all without the help of professional coders or designers.

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Smarketly was created by Craig Crawford and his partner Tom Yevsikov.

Craig Crawford  is a 30 years old Internet Marketing Expert and he has been working online for in excess of 5 years now. Craig began his computer training at college after leaving secondary school, he achieved a diploma in advanced ICT (Information Communication Technology) And worked within his families business for about eight years in total.

Tom Yevsikov is the Founder of Hire Your Boss LTD. He has been doing online marketing since 2011 & helping people cut the B.S online and get results faster. Plus he released over 30 products, many of which were WSOTD/JVZOO POTD.

They have been renowned for buzzing the market with various huge brands, with the most outstanding products being Traffic Studio, Flexy, Live Suite Pro, Breeze Builder, Quick Start Challenge T100, Aiwis. etc.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Smarketly Review and find out its features!


These below are the key features of the Smarketly:

  • Funnel Management

Streamlined conversion efforts

Established, well-oiled funnels put you in the driver’s seat and enable you to control the sales process.

Choose from ready-made funnel templates, customize your funnels according to your needs by connecting all the necessary elements — and then measure and optimize them.

Create the path that you would like your customers to follow on the way to purchasing your core offer. You’ll know how many people there are in every stage of the funnel and how much money will come out on the other end from converting customers.

  • Drag & Drop Builder

Get creative and blow your visitors away

Smarketly’s feature-rich Drag & Drop Builder gives you the liberty to create landing pages, overlays, emails and opt-in forms by just clicking your mouse, no code required.

Gain inspiration from hundreds of converting templates or create something never-before-seen that will reflect your business. Our toolbox has vast capabilities and you are welcome to take advantage of the design settings to customize each element and play around with the layout.

  • Smarketly Integrations

Get the most out of Smarketly

Say goodbye to wasting time trying to link together 3rd-party apps that aren’t designed to communicate with one another, re-entering the same information over and over again, saving precious time on development, and going to great lengths to find simple data.

Smarketly’s integrations will streamline your business processes and collect all the customer behavioral data for triggering actions, giving you more time to develop your business.

Smarketly is designed to give you the freedom to use your favorite technology in combination with the platform, so that you can easily manage all of your data and processes.

  • Email Automation

Engage more people by doing less

Send highly-personal, relevant broadcasts and drip emails to your prospects depending on where they are in the buying process and work on building quality relationships, all in autopilot mode. In addition, fire trigger and event-based messages to provide your leads with the most pertinent info to keep them engaged.

Email marketing automation opens up a whole new world of possibilities to engage with your audience and turn them into buyers. Manage your email service providers from Smarketly using all the integration options available to you.

Now it’s all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, automatically.

  • Automation Rules

Freeing you up and minimizing errors

Action-based behavioral triggers get incredible results. Select the triggers and events that you want to link to specific actions. Once these triggers or events are fired, the platform will automatically perform the specified actions, like moving a customer to a new mailing list once they get to the end of a drip campaign, sending out a cart abandonment email, or adding users to your custom audiences for your campaigns.

Automated rules are designed to save time and ease the load by removing the need to keep an eye on your campaigns and manually tuning them.

  • Popups (Overlays)

Convert readers to mailing list subscribers

Craft beautiful popups using pre-made templates or from scratch and put them up on your landing pages to promote various offers and increase your subscriber and lead conversion rates.

Smarketly enables you to build popups to greet new website visitors with a special offer, stop those who are heading for the door with crazy discounts, guide blog readers toward topical upcoming events, notify readers of an update, and so much more.

  • Facebook Automation

Re-engage for maximum results

Smarketly gives you the ability to automatically create custom audiences on the fly based on the data points from all the elements that you integrated within your funnels. Retarget people who opened your emails, reach users who completed your goals or engaged with your content. Enhance data collection with the Smart Facebook Pixel.

Run ads by advanced custom audiences, in other words, retarget. Squeeze what you can out of the people who viewed your offer, but didn’t convert. The strategy is extremely effective if you consider the fact that people rarely buy something they just saw for the first time.

  • Embedded Analytics

Data-driven decision making

They have embedded tracking into every element within your funnel to spare you the hassle of dealing with all the technical complications.

By taking the guesswork out of your decision-making process, you’ll accurately be able to tell where things are going according to plan and where you need to do some fine-tuning. Measure the success of your marketing efforts because number-backed data gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions, regardless of how you want to grow your business.

  • Contact Management

Stay up-to-date with your contacts

To ensure that you stay on top of everything that goes on with your leads and customers, make use of our contact management capabilities.

Track every step of the customer journey in order to personalize your messaging and send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Growing your business is easy when you know and understand the numbers. And you can learn the numbers behind your business by tracking all the activities that take place within your funnel.

That’s not all, there are still many features to discover:

  • Drag & Drop Builder: The website constructor will make building landing pages, emails, overlays and forms a walk in the park
  • Code-free Setups: Customize, edit and publish pages without involving developers
  • Grow Your Audience: Take every opportunity to engage with prospects and acquire new leads
  • Boost Conversions: Deliver the right stuff to the right people when they need it the most
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: Draw inspiration from numerous templates to create landing pages, funnels, pop-ups and forms ideal for your line of work
  • Guide Your Audience: Keep track of customer journeys to know who needs more nurturing and when
  • Split Testing & Analytics: Find out how well your funnel elements are doing by analyzing AB tests
  • Save Time with Automation: Free yourself up to do more important tasks and get creative like humans can
  • Catchy Overlays: Your landing pages, overlays and emails will look stunning and work like a charm across all devices
  • Web Integrations: Connect with dozens of 3rd-party services for more control
  • Templates Built to Convert: Hundreds of fully-customizable templates are eager to start sending traffic your way
  • Behavior-based Triggers: Interact with leads and customers based on their actions in real-time.