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JVZoo vs Clickbank have always been among the top best affiliate networks. Have you ever tried to compare the two or are you confused on the one to start with? Well, that is what we will be dissecting in this article.

JVZoo vs Clickbank have always been among the top best affiliate networks

No matter how you are enticed to join an affiliate program, you should always consider the pros and cons involved to see if it falls into the categories of what you can be able to pull.

JVZoo vs ClickBank


JVZoo is a SaaS or Software as a Service, and it facilitates and automates marketing, delivery, and online sales. It was founded by a team that originally aimed to solve an industry problem but ended up with the creation of JVZoo.

The company promises to provide user-friendly and easy-to-use systems with solutions that are necessary for a profitable, successful online business.


  • Has more products to offer
  • All types of vendors are welcome
  • Vendors get paid immediately when the transaction is done via PayPal
  • Creating a funnel is easy
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to get paid immediately when put on instant commissions
  • Vendors have to issue refunds
  • There is a “no questions asked” policy


  • No vendor will put you on instant commissions if you have less than 50 sales. You will need to wait for a minimum of 30 days to get your money.
  • Approval of the request is required to promote products
  • The customer service for vendors can be exhausting.


ClickBank is an online affiliate marketing program. It has a global presence, reliable payouts, secure payment processing, and an extensive affiliate network.

On the ClickBank platform, vendors have the freedom to create and sell physical goods as well as digital products like software, membership programs, and even ebooks. ClickBank allows affiliates to promote vendors’ products and get huge commissions.


  • Payments are given weekly (every Wednesday)
  • ClickBank manages the customer service
  • Promoting products is easy because not all vendors require the approval of affiliates
  • Well-integrated with features like Optimizepress


  • Users have no control over the refunds
  • The length of the Money Back Guarantee cannot be decided
  • ClickBank is a bit picky in approving vendors, especially those with money-making products

JVZoo vs ClickBank – Conclusion

Both platforms have their own pros and cons. But in this comparison article, the JVZoo wins as it comes with a lot of features for all users alike. Plus, it is not picky; everyone is welcome.

Whichever you choose between the two though, you will not regret as they both are excellent companies that offer robust features.