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DashNex PowerTech Review combines two essential marketing platforms that he has invested over $1.5 million in development and improvement since 2015.


DashNex PowerTech combines two essential marketing platforms that he has invested over $1.5 million in development and improvement since 2015.

“Your online business makes money only when you sell something, and someone buys something. Everything else is secondary.” And when you accept this truth, you quickly realize that the so-called “Secret of Success Online” comes down to your ability to turn an IDEA to a money-making business as quickly as possible. SPEED and SIMPLICITY are what separates success from failure today.

Most Funnel Builders, Hosting Providers and eCom Platforms Are Designed to Drain Your Wallet and Here is How. It’s clear as a day that most platforms don’t want you to succeed. Yet, companies like Shopify, Clickfunnels, and a bunch of others are charging premium recurring fees just to have an account with them. In fact, most of these companies are actively pushing their consultancy programs, teaching consultants how to charge excessive fees just for setting up a basic funnel or eCom store. It’s insane. And if you’re someone who is starting from scratch as I did, and you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest just to get an online business idea tested. You are left with basically two choices: go deeply in debts or just give up before you even start.

As mentioned earlier on this page, your results online come down to your ability to turn an idea to an actual offer with buy buttons on the page. The more ideas you can turn to buy buttons, the higher the chance for you to succeed. Unless you have a ‘Buy Now’ button where people can go and buy something from you. You don’t have a business. The problem and why so many people fail to make money online is that they get sucked into the circle of configurations, design, tweaks, and setups, perpetuated by a never-ending stream of pitches of new things – apps, plugins, widgets. And on TOP of that They are continually being exposed to the SCARCITY to make the next RECURRING PAYMENT so that they don’t lose what they have already started before. It has to end. And you no longer need to be scared to lose what you have just started. Introducing DASHNEX POWERTECH.

DashNex PowerTech includes Instant eCom Store – the eCommerce platform that allows anyone to launch a high converting eCommerce store in minutes, without a need to pay additional fees for applications or plugins or do some extensive configurations (think Shopify on steroids here). DashNex Pages – website hosting platform, allowing anyone to quickly build any type of HTML based websites using templates (everything I do online – every single website that he has is hosted on DashNex Pages, including this page you’re on right now).

With Dashnex Powertech, You Can Seriously Supercharge Your Online Business and Turn More of Your Ideas to Money-Making Businesses Than Ever Before! You can create any kind of website or eCommerce store in seconds and start selling in minutes. Besides, there are no plugins, apps, extension, or some other hidden wallet-draining components that you have to pay extra for. You get absolutely everything. Get DashNex PowerTech Right Now.

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  • Here Are The Core Features That You Get With The Dashnex Pages Platform:
  • Unlimited, Mobile-responsive Pages
  • Unlimited Redirect Pages
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads with DashNex PowerTech
  • Unlimited Sweepstake Campaigns
  • Dynamic Thank You Pages
  • Automatic Digital Product Delivery
  • 1-Click Page Cloning
  • Easy Optins Boxes
  • Deep Integration with TOP Autoresponders
  • Secure SSL for All Your Domains
  • Automatic Security, Backup and Updates
  • Lucrative Referral Program
  • Here Are The Core Features That You Get With Instant Ecom Platform:
  • Launch High Converting Store In Minutes: It takes minutes to launch a fully optimized store. No plugins. No apps. No developer required.
  • Zero Transaction Fees with DashNex PowerTech
  • Sell Unlimited Physical Products: Whether you want to sell a single product or 10,000 products, you can do that.
  • Unlimited Product Import from Aliexpress
  • 1-Click Post Purchase Upsells
  • Built-in Abandoned Cart System
  • Directly-To-Checkout System
  • Conversion System
  • Private Offer Pages: Create special offers or bundles to make more money with your store. Maximize revenue from past visitors or email subscribers.
  • Multi-Currency Converter: Regardless of the visitor location, you can automatically display price in his local currency.
  • UNLIMITED Promo Codes: Create all kinds of different promo codes so that you can maximize results with all the various traffic sources that you use.
  • Global and Private Timers with Progress Bar

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  • On DashNex Pages platform, you can launch any kind of mobile responsive, lightning-fast website, including, but not limited to: Local business website. Personal – freelancer website; A special event website; Affiliate marketing website; Lead generation & sales website; Webinar registration website And many more.
  • With the Instant eCom Store platform, you can launch a high converting eCommerce store to sell any kind of physical products, including, but not limited to: Dropshipping products from AliExpress; Dropshipping products from other suppliers; T-shirts, mugs, bracelets; Merchandize products of your brand; Products from a local business store. And many more.
  • DashNex PowerTech are built on the Amazon Cloud infrastructure, making them fast, scalable, and most importantly, secure.
  • Plus, when building your online properties on both platforms, you don’t need to worry about any of the maintenance work.
  • Automatic backups, security and updates are all already included.
  • Supercharge Your Online Business With Our ‘Copy & Paste Simple’ Amazon Cloud-Based Technology Without Wasting a Fortune on Monthly Recurring Payments”
  • With DashNex PowerTech Launch Any Type of Lightning Fast, Mobile Responsive Website, or High Converting eCommerce Store in Minutes. Use it For Your Own Business or Your Client.


  • Q: Do I have to live in the US to use this? A: Absolutely not. You can use DashNex PowerTech software, build websites, and sell products from anywhere in the world. In fact, 30-40% of our customers come from outside of the US.
  • Q: What are the order processing or transaction fees? A: ZERO. None. DashNex PowerTech doesn’t charge a single dime for order processing. You only pay the defined payment processing fees by your merchant providers, such as PayPal or Stripe.
  • Q: Do I own the store and website that I create? A: Yes. You get a 100% ownership of the store or website that you create on our platform.
  • Q: Can I sell (flip) or transfer ownership of my store or website? A: Yes. You can sell or simply transfer ownership of your store or website at any moment. Just submit a transfer request to our support, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Q: Will you take care of the hosting and maintenance? A: Yes, absolutely. Dashnex PowerTech platforms are built on Amazon Cloud infrastructure, so you don’t need to worry about the technical side at all. Your website and store will be using the best hosting systems in the world, with automatic backups and maintenance and 99.5% uptime.
  • Q: Can I use my own domain name? A: Absolutely. You can use any domain that you own, and we also give you a free subdomain for your store and website on our domain.
  • Q: Can I refund my purchase if I’m not happy? A: Yes, absolutely. Just one thing – if you intend to buy and refund without properly trying it, please don’t do it. But if during the first 30-days you build a website or store, and you discover that DashNex PowerTech doesn’t live up to your expectations, please email us to support@dashnex.com, and we will refund your purchase.


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